Appealing to a variety of needs and tastes

We cater in multiple buildings for this client, tailoring our services to appeal to a wide demographic, from graduates to senior-level directors. Every day, our restaurant and three café teams serve more than 3,500 customers, and provide hospitality in over 60 meeting rooms. Our menus are designed for fairly traditional tastes, and a wide range of incomes and ethnicities – and to compete with the high street.

A wide choice, for large numbers

Our services include a large restaurant with individual chef service stations, extensive ‘grab and go’, and a central island serving Global Kitchen, salads, hot desserts and Soupa. We also run a large coffee bar and a further three coffee pods serving artisan coffee, savoury snacks, homemade cakes, and Raw & Ripe cold-pressed juices.

The organisation’s hospitality requirement is high quality and high volume. We provide daily premium working lunches to the extensive hospitality suite, set over two floors. We also cater for a variety of important events, from fine dining, canapés and buffets to drinks receptions. Important guests include government ministers, journalists and business leaders. We are also responsible for free-issue points, and for managing vending.

“bartlett mitchell fully understands our business needs, and brings a passion and knowledge which gives me confidence in the service. They transferred (through TUPE) and trained a very large team, and worked sensitively with them to improve the quality standards in our food delivery and service.”


  • Sales have grown by 23%.
  • Launched artisan coffee brand that has delivered an increase in sales of 12%.
  • Launched a health food bar receiving widespread praise and increased patronage.
  • Achieved Sustainable Restaurant Association Food Made Good Award.
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