Keeping business moving round the clock

This online retailer’s head office is home to 800 staff from its customer care, back office and warehouse teams. As one of the world’s foremost fashion brands, it takes security very seriously – and, operating as a warehouse, it needs 24/7 service, 364 days a year.

The company’s employees span an extremely broad demographic range, and are looking for value for money and sustaining foods, as well as healthy, wholesome and calorie-counted options. In addition to offering this choice, our catering team has to respond to increased demand at peak times, such as sale periods.

Comprehensive services for contemporary tastes

We provide breakfast twice a day (at 3am and 7am), and lunch and dinner service include hot street food, a salad bar and Soupa station, alongside plentiful ‘grab and go’. Our Deal-licious concept – designed mainly for young people who prefer all-day, on-demand eating, at very keen prices – is also popular here.

A separate coffee bar serves homemade ‘grab and go’, cakes, and sweet and savoury pastries. We also provide working lunches, and hospitality for celebrations, press and fashion launches. Plus, we manage the vending, pantries and free-issue tea and coffee.


  • Supported the design and implementation of a new coffee bar.
  • Improved services with the new kitchen design.
  • Introduced a fresh-food culture to the catering team.
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