In this changing business world, a fresh, tasty meal goes a long way to boost team morale. We have created ‘Bm delivered’ a fantastic delivered-in menu range. It’s designed to improve productivity to power teams and businesses.

BM delivered provides exciting individually packaged solutions for all catering needs. From simple breakfasts and grab and go for a restaurant or coffee bar to exciting bento box meals for teams or client meetings. We even provide meal-kits for teams to cook at home.

Menus have been expertly designed by our Chef Director, Pete Redman. Food is freshly produced every day at our Grub hub (Central production Unit) in East London. Menus change every week to ensure variety. Place your order by 11am for next-day delivery.

Our packaging is food safe and PEFC & FSC accredited and fully recyclable.

Customers use the bartlett mitchell PearPay App to place orders.

Contact our sales team if you would like to discuss how ‘Bm delivered’ can power your office and teams.

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