Powering your people.

An appealing, welcoming restaurant serving great food encourages a healthy and high-performing workforce – and ensures your teams remain focused, engaged and ready for business.

We cater for everything from small, bespoke cafés to very large restaurants, cooking for thousands of customers every day. Our chefs satisfy all tastes, traditional and contemporary, from early in the morning and, in some cases, until the last person goes home.

Offering choices, ringing the changes

To start the day, customers have hearty and wholesome breakfasts, including breakfast burritos, cereals, porridge, and freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices. Lunchtimes include the latest authentic street-food, part cooked to order, part ready to grab. It’s fast and filling, and bang on trend. And for added energy and theatre, our pop-up chefs serve the latest trends and flavours.

Our Soupa concept gives the humble soup a creative twist and offers a huge range of options – from a hearty cock-a-leekie to a health-conscious skinny roasted beetroot – all with tasty ‘add-ons’, such as palmiers and savoury muffins.

Then there are seasonal salads and appetising vegetarian dishes – plus our unique healthy meals, DARE (Delicious And Responsible Eating). And where comfort food counts, our chefs’ modern take on classic dishes – like the finest fillet of fish in a light beer batter served with hand-cut chips – keeps your staff coming back.

By contrast, anyone looking for simple, natural choices can choose from our exciting ‘grab and go’ range, including Raw & Ripe, our freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juice concept. Plus, there’s Deal-licious, designed mainly for young people who prefer all-day, on-demand eating, at very keen prices, rather than traditional meals.

A winning formula

Put simply, an effective combination of tasty food, value for money and effective marketing is the reason we attract and keep customers.

We don’t use menu cycles or bought-in ingredients. Our chefs cook fresh food from scratch. And every day, our menus ooze seasonality, freshness and creativity. All qualities your people appreciate, and your business benefits from.

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