The demand for authentic and sustainable street food at work has grown exponentially. Clients want exciting food experiences to encourage employees back into their offices. Customers expect food experiences at work that are on a par with what they eat and experience socially. BM has always been successful at creating interesting food experiences and concepts at work. We believed there was another step we could take to create genuinely authentic and sustainable street food. We have called it our Tribe.

Meet our Tribe

The most innovative, authentic and sustainable street food traders are in our Tribe. Uniquely, Tribe’s desire is to give back to the communities we work in, we call it ‘catering with a conscience’. This allows us to support our client’s social and community enterprise ambitions.

Catering with a conscience

The unique aspect to Tribe is our collaboration with Migrateful. Migrateful is an award winning charity. They use cookery classes to rebuild the lives of refugees and migrant chefs from around the world.

Many of Migrateful’s chefs aspire to become entrepreneurs running their own food businesses. The Migrateful chef family represents over 30 different countries. Working with bm’s Tribe gives the Migrateful Chefs training and personal development opportunities and a real-life catering experiences. Migrateful’s passionate people help educate us all about their cultures through the power of their food.

Keepin’ it in the family

Both through BMInc, our start up entrepreneur incubator and our own internal channels we have identified bm chefs who want to create their own food concepts. Tribe is another way that we can bring these interesting and innovative street food traders to our customers.

Our experienced team support and mentor the Tribe chefs to learn, and to make sure that their authentic street food is delivered to impeccable standards.

A spirit of partnership and collaboration

‘Support you can trust’ is one of our values and is the foundation stone of partnership and collaboration. It applies equally to our own team members and external partners, who we want to be successful. We support them on their journey with us, this could be through menu development, marketing, training or finance skills.

Only the best

All our Tribe street food traders are hand-picked and go through a thorough on-boarding process including due diligence and health and food safety.

We’re always looking for innovative and sustainable street food traders to join our Tribe. If you’re interested in joining our Tribe, please contact us.

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