1  Attracting and retaining the best people

Today’s employees expect more from their workplace, and the food you provide is a crucial part of that – especially as many people now care more about what they eat. We can help you create a meaningful workplace experience and enhance your employer brand by creating a food and drink offer that connects and makes distinctive.

Providing subsidised food and drink helps you stand out from the competition. It says you care about providing a great work environment where employees are valued, fulfilled even joyful. You’ll have a happier, healthier, more engaged workforce, and find it easier to recruit and retain the most talented people.

2  Improved productivity

Well-fed employees are more productive. The Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine argued that employees who eat well are 25% more likely to perform better. And if there’s an appealing restaurant or café in the workplace, they will stay on site.

Research published in the British Journal of Health Psychology proved that eating healthily throughout the day also benefits the mind. The report showed that the more nutritious food consumed during the day – the happier, more engaged, and more creative people were.

Great food delivers great results

To be a successful business, it’s vital to provide an attractive workplace experience. Bringing food and drink into the workplace is one of the essential ways to achieve this. With BM, your employees, and visitors all benefit from great food and drink. And so does your bottom line.

3  Collaboration and innovation

More importantly, taking lunch and coffee breaks with colleagues encourages meaningful workplace connections and collaboration. People talk more freely, information flows, and your business benefits from increased innovation. Work is social and spontaneous connections at work matter. Forbes research shows the biggest pain point of remote work is missing social interaction with colleagues. Our workplace food and drink sparks imagination, makes connections and boosts team satisfaction.

4  Enhancing your reputation

You want everyone who visits you to be impressed by your workplace. An appealing, ethically run café, restaurant, or executive dining facility, serving great food, speaks volumes about your business.

Your customers, staff and shareholders want your business to have purpose and a positive impact on the environment and your community. We enhance our client’s ESG impact and reputation through our responsible record in serving sustainable food, including achieving net zero.

We ensure our food, drink and hospitality reflect our client’s brand, values, and uphold their reputation. Our achievements become their achievements.

5  Providing a return on investment

Your investment in subsidised catering and hospitality must provide value. Every square foot of your business premises has to work hard for you. We ensure these facilities work efficiently and cost-effectively, making best use of your resources. Also, choosing us to manage your food and drink services leaves you and your team free to focus on running all the other vital aspects of your business.