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Our Impact

Equity, diversity and inclusion

We know we are only as strong as our team – and our team is strongest when people from different backgrounds, with different points of view, work together.

Our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) team ensures fair treatment and equal opportunities for all our people. We want to maintain a workplace where no one faces prejudice or discrimination because of their age, race, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or marital status.

We celebrate diversity within our business, and take steps to ensure we continue to have a diverse workforce. Our people from every background benefit from an inclusive culture that promotes opportunity for all.

Key ED&I commitments and achievements

We’ve created an inclusive culture, integrating ED&I into all company communications with our teams, clients and customers – including client business plans, monthly client reporting, blogs, tender documents, and internal and external social-media posts. We also work to an education and awareness calendar, covering all major celebrations and educational dates, such as International Women’s Day, Pride Month and Black History Month.

“"A diverse and inclusive team creates a profound sense of belonging within our #BMfamily, forging stronger connections and, consequently, supporting our business to realise even greater success."”

Murray Soper, Head of People & Talent

Our ED&I impact

We have a clear strategy – with strong leadership support and company-wide commitment – for promoting equity and combatting workplace discrimination, within BM and in the catering industry as a whole. The number of women and non-UK workers in managerial roles is increasing, and we have a team of trained mental-health first-aiders. Most importantly, we’ve created a culture of acceptance and support, which can be seen in the many ED&I blogs published on our website and read thousands of times.