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What we do

Perkee coffee

A good cup of coffee can make any day better. Research shows how it can transform the workplace, helping build relationships, keeping employees in the building, and enhancing hospitality for guests.


Unique, award-winning coffee

We developed Perkee specially for our clients and their customers. And it’s won two Great Taste awards, which no other contract caterer has achieved for their coffee.

“In the most recent global workplace-experience survey, the Leesman Index, 77% of respondents said tea, coffee and other refreshments were a highly important factor in their physical environment, ranking third after a desk and chair. We meet this need with our Perkee coffee, served by highly trained baristas using the right kind of coffee machine.”

Today, people want to know where their coffee comes from, and Perkee’s provenance plays a big role in its success. We’ve created it for anyone who wants to provide superb-quality, sustainable coffee in their workplace.


You can choose from two types of Perkee…

Perkee Soppexcca – Fairtrade coffee from Nicaragua

In 1997 the charismatic Fátima Ismael took over the struggling Soppexcca coffee co-operative and transformed it, improving the lives of its members and their community. Women play an essential role in running the enterprise, learning business skills and saving money, often for the first time in their lives. When one of our founders, Wendy Bartlett, read about Fátima and the co-operative, she was determined we would work with them to create a new BM coffee.

Not only has our involvement helped make a difference to the Soppexcca community, it’s helped us offer a great-tasting, Fairtrade coffee. Nicaragua is a magnet for coffee roasters around the world because of the coffee’s complex and fruit-like flavours. In the region of Jinotega, our single-origin Perkee beans grow at 3,600 feet above sea level, in rich volcanic soil, nurtured by a humid tropical climate. The resulting coffee has a very pleasant dark chocolate flavour with caramel notes and a complex acidity.

Perkee Santo – organic coffee from Brazil

Grown in the Pedra Azul region in Espirito Santo State, Brazil, Perkee Santo is organic thanks to pioneering farmer, Henrique Sloper. Having inherited the Camocim Estate in 1996, he has worked hard to implement organic and biodynamic farming methods – which produce pest-resistant beans that make outstanding coffee, as well as helping protect the local environment.

Perkee Santo is a sweet, nutty coffee, with subtle flavours of milk chocolate and vanilla. So it’s no surprise it wins awards for taste, as well as gaining a range of organic certifications. And our direct trade partnership with the Camocim Estate pays the producers even more than Fairtrade rates, compensating for the extra costs associated with organic coffee farming and benefiting local communities.

The complete coffee package

When you choose Perkee, you don’t just get the coffee. We make sure you receive all the support you need, including…