My earliest food memory is of camping potatoes. I was in charge of boiling the Jersey Royals on holiday. We had an awning that housed a single calor gas ring burner, ground sheet, washing up bowl and a very collapsible dining table. It was carefree and basic (maybe dangerous in this day and age) but a solid foundation for fun, food and family.

Food with an emphasis on health and wellbeing is trending for me at the moment. I am seeing more and more plant-based menus in restaurants and I am looking forward to seeing bartlett mitchelll rolling out even more vegetarian and vegan concepts in our client’s workplace and stepping ahead of the high street.

My favourite place to eat is The Coach in Marlow. It’s described as an eclectic British pub. It is accessible, informal, serves great food in perfect portions and it’s on my doorstep.

My most memorable meal was at the Restaurant Vincent, Brussels on Saturday 19thJuly 2004. I ate Chateaubriand with the best Hollandaise. Four months later to the day wewere married at another amazing and special restaurant the Belle Epoch in Knutsford.

My ideal dinner guest would beJonny Wilkinson (there’s no contest) because I would like to discuss southern French cuisine and drop goals, that’s all.

Like many of my collegaues in the bartlett mitchell family my hospitality journey began with a hard back red book (and a knife roll) tucked under my arm in a big new City (Leeds). My inspiration is The Practical Cookery book, by Ronald Kinton and Victor Ceserani

The three items I always have in my fridge are a bottle of Fizz, apples and mint sauce – they are the only guarantees.

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