We’ve launched BM delivered. A new service developed to support clients looking for temporary food solutions during the post Covid-19 lockdown period.

BM delivered will be offered to all clients facing reduced building footfall over the next few months. Or companies looking for individually packaged meals for safe distancing measures.

Central production kitchen

We have integrated new technology to be able to deliver office meals and hospitality during the transition. We are using an existing central production kitchen previously used for BM events.

As part of the move, the company has developed its Pearpay app to fully embed it into its operations. This means people can place orders directly on the app for delivery to their desks.

Wide range of meal options

BM Delivered will include a wide range of meal options. The menu includes simple breakfasts or grab and go items for a restaurant or coffee bar, to Bento Box meals for teams. In addition there is a full hospitality offer for meetings and events.

Menus designed by BM chef director Pete Redman, are freshly prepared every day and delivered in sustainable packaging.

We are also offering clients a ‘Cook at Home’ range of take home meal kits as well as a new ‘Home Store’ option for general groceries. This offers our client’s team a safe and award-winning food solution, removing the need to visit the high street for everyday essentials.

Francois Gautreaux, UK Managing Director, bartlett mitchell, said: “We understand the challenges some of our clients are facing. We are looking at lots of different ways of supporting them during these difficult times. BM Delivered can be an efficient and effective interim solution on our journey to full population.

Restaurant food that travels well

Pete Redman, chef director, bartlett mitchell, said: “We’ve spent a great deal of time looking at our menus to develop food which is not only delicious, but also travels well given the new mode of delivery.

“The menu range stays true to our core foodie values and is freshly made, seasonal, full of flavour and beautifully presented. The aim is to get the best of a BM restaurant and deliver it in carefully packaged format.”

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