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Stay Connected in Lockdown

Stay Connected

It’s been challenging to stay connected and positive during lockdown. I had several choices. I could maximise the time to get organised and do those jobs around the house I have been putting off for ages! Or I could teach myself something new, spend more time with my family and do some exercise. These were just a few of the many productive and positive opportunities available to me. Alternatively I could lounge around and do very little! I believe this time will define many of us for years to come. So I am very pleased and proud to say that after speaking to many of the #bmFamily💜💚, they have chosen the former as their way to navigate through lockdown.

Mental health is dear to my heart.

Exercise is one of those triggers that can help to keep us focused and fit, both in mind and body. So, I decided to be active, and be active together with others. Together as a team we came up with the idea to run the distance between all the bm sites. It is 900km in a triangle – as the crow flies. Team members pledged the distance they would run and donations went to the NHS Together Charities. I was pleasantly surprised at how many people got involved. From printed t-shirts and zoom backgrounds to children colouring posters, this one combined effort brought us closer so we could stay connected.

NHS Charities Together

We ran/walked/cycled 1,504km and raised for the brilliant NHS charities together a whopping £3,700 (at the time of writing this blog). The event took place at 3pm on 7th May and afterwards we all joined in with a celebratory zoom call and a glass to celebrate together. A virtual coming together of the #bmFamily💜💚.

Stay Connected

The exciting part for me was seeing so many people get up and be active. We were all laughing and joking and having fun. Some people hadn’t run for years! Being in lockdown has been challenging for all of us. In the hospitality industry we thrive on interaction, deadlines and energy. We miss the showmanship, human contact and being part of a team. This little challenge helped our team members to stay connected and lifted spirits.

Thank you to everyone who took part and sponsored us. We are already thinking about the next challenge to keep the #bmFamily💜💚 together during these unusual times. Watch this space for further news.