It never crossed my mind that I will ever live through something like Covid-19 where there is so much uncertainty, social distancing and not knowing when it will end. I find myself longing to be with my closest family, which is not easy as they are 12000 miles away!  In 2017 I became part of my work family, bartlett mitchell. I found the ONE. They accepted me for who I am and nurture my talent by investing in my future.  They restored trust in me by not just showing me they care, but living out the true values of our company.

We are reminded, coached and trained on the core values of our company by our leaders on a daily basis, as they lead by example. It is paramount in this difficult time that we do what all families do, stay connected and stay in touch to ensure we help each other where we can.

Staying Connected

We have a platform called Yapster where all of us can stay connected or ask for help, if needed.  I use this platform on a daily basis gaining inspiration to cook meals I have never cooked before, thanking our dedicated culinary team that started the #storecupboardchallenge. We are inspired to stay healthy and active. I am very competitive, so when it comes to daily exercise, I can’t wait to see what the rest of my work family has done for the day. We get to know each other better by playing quiz games, it is great fun as everyone participates.

We are an innovative company and have responded quickly to new ways of working, which will also be  a long-term investment.  Although it can be a challenge and take some time to get used to, looking back, we are stronger and a well-grounded team.

Communication is key and my highlight of the week is when we have our weekly zoom calls.  It is a great way to stay connected, have a coffee together, make each other laugh and share the silly activities we get up to. And we don’t forget a birthday, we specially connect via zoom and everyone sings “happy birthday”.  We also use this to plan how we are going to adapt our way of working when we get back to “normal” and how we will create a fun and exciting atmosphere in our workplace.

Support You Can Trust

The support and information we have received with regards to helping us to make the right financial decisions, when it comes to mortgages and paying bills, has been really helpful. This is why I know this is a true and close family – a family is not just there in good times but also in times of uncertainty to reassure us that everything will be okay.

I can’t wait to see my work family again, in person. One aspect I really miss is tasting the fabulous food created by our talented chefs, can’t wait to see what new recipes they have been working on!

I don’t just feel lucky but privileged to be a part of this #bmFamily💜💚.

Stay home and be safe

Natasha Boshoff
Area Manager

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