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5 advantages of contract catering

advantages of contract catering

Contract catering involves outsourcing an independent caterer to oversee workplace dining services regularly.

This strategic choice carries substantial implications for organisations, employees, and catering teams. From boosting employee satisfaction to streamlining operations, contract catering presents numerous benefits. Let’s explore the core advantages of this approach together.

1. Accountability

Caterers bear responsibility for all catering costs and provide detailed reporting tailored to each client’s needs. Inspiration and ideas will be driven by the caterer, and tailored to client needs. The caterer is accountable for all catering costs and reporting at the detail level that suits the client.

2. Clients can focus on their business

Contract caterers focus on the catering so that clients can focus on their business. The caterer employs experts in every field from marketing and food safety to food innovation. This team is an extension of the clientā€™s catering team and can be used as a resource when required.

Specialist caterers are adept at identifying and responding swiftly to industry trends. The catererā€™s resource to process administration including invoicing and payment means clients only have one invoice to process. The clientā€™s time will not be taken up setting up and managing a specialist supply chain.

he extensive resources of larger caterers like BM enable us to handle both large-scale and specialised events to meet clients’ diverse needs.

3. Catering team managed by expert HR professionals with catering specialism

By being employed by a catering company, your in-house catering team will have many more growth opportunities, such as training programmes or career development initiatives. At BM, we’ve received numerous people and training awards, including the prestigious ā€˜Investors in Peopleā€™ Gold and Best Companies accolades. These recognise our comprehensive people development processes.

Caterers have the ability to recruit skilled individuals from their existing pool and extensive network. They also possess the systems and processes necessary to manage team member performance effectively, as it’s part of their contractual obligation to ensure a well-functioning team. Additionally, caterers can leverage the expertise of dedicated catering trainers who are experts at both legislative compliance and motivational training.

4. Legislative compliance

Caterers employ independent and fully certified Health and Safety officers to conduct full risk assessments and address any queries. They provide a comprehensive Health and Safety and Food Safety training programme for every team member as part of their service. This provides clients with total peace of mind.

A caterer will conduct independent quality audits annually to benchmark and achieve best-in-class standards. Caterers offer independent, auditable financial controls to ensure transparency and compliance.

5. Enhance clients' ESG

Selecting the right contract caterer can enhance and support the clientā€™s business’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives and achievements. Ideas include reducing food waste, sourcing locally, and serving organic and Fairtrade coffee. We’re proud holders and recipients of many awards and accreditations, including EcoVadis Gold, Planet Mark, and the Sustainable Restaurant Associationā€™s ā€˜Food Made Goodā€™ awards, showcasing our commitment to sustainability.

In conclusion, outsourcing to a contract caterer provides organisations with enhanced accountability, streamlined operations, and a commitment to sustainability. This strategic choice allows businesses to elevate their dining services by accessing external expertise and resources.

Ready to harness the advantages of contract catering for your organisation?

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