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The spread of the COVID-19 corona-virus continues to dominate our lives. We are monitoring developments from a ā€˜business continuityā€™ perspective. We have put appropriate measures in place to ensure that bartlett mitchell is prepared including writing this guide to cater safely during coronavirus.

In respect of COVID-19, we are focused on the health and welfare of our teams, customers and clients whilst continuing to provide outstanding workplace catering services. This expert guide includes the specific actions we have taken, best practice and additional recommendations.

Prior preparation

A robust approach to risk management and operational effectiveness is integral to our business. We are prepared for unexpected events through the bartlett mitchell BCP (Business Continuity Plan). Our BCP identifies the requirements for each area of the business to function under a wide range of scenarios. It is under constant review. Scenarios include major sickness outbreaks such as COVID-19.

We have invested in technology and infrastructure including Yapster. These ensure that the business is both robust and adaptable to cope with these significant and disruptive events.

We are monitoring and implementing official guidelines from Public Health England with regard to COVID-19 so that we can continue to cater safely during coronavirus.

Actions already taken at site

Best practice for catering safely during coronavirus

Modify greetings; say no to a handshake, give up high fives, refuse kisses on the cheek and definitely avoid hugging. Change habits at work and at home to reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus and prevent it from spreading.
Stop using communal condiments (pepper and salt) for now.
Switch all sites to CV-19 and essential safety audits only.
Audit all commercial dishwasher water temperatures to ensure the rinse cycle reaches 82oc to destroy harmful bacteria and reduce the risk of contamination. This is a regular check and is recorded in compliance diaries every week.
Postpone road-shows and non-essential visits to sites.
Switch to electronic reporting and virtual contract meetings.
Stop using external catering agency staff to remove the risk of introducing the infection.
Use only fruit with removable skin e.g. bananas and oranges etc. for free-issue.
Make it mandatory in tea points for dishwashers rather than hand washing to be used for cleaning mugs and cutlery etc.
Advisory notes on water filling stations suggesting customers avoid ā€˜nozzle contactā€™.
Switch face to face customer feedback sessions to online surveys.
Provide visible extra sanitation of dining areas.
We have placed covers on all display items including cakes and pastries on coffee bars.

Further recommendations

These may require client approval due to potential cost and environmental impact.

Temporary restaurant closure

If a client has decided to temporarily close their building, we have devised a comprehensive shut-down procedure comprising;

We are donating our surplus food to London City Harvest and The Felix Project. They deliver to charities and schools who provide healthy meals to help the most vulnerable in society.


Using internal communication channels and cascading messages through line managers is critical to cater safely during coronavirus. Our technology app – Yapster is proving effective for this. In this fast-moving situation team members and clients value the reassurance it can provide.

We are committed to supporting our clients so that catering runs as smoothly as possible with a minimum of fuss and inconvenience. As the coronavirus situation evolves we will update this expert guide in line with government advice.

Further information from official websites