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5 Handy Tips to kick-start your own Green Roadmap


Visiting different businesses and meeting our customers who are as passionate as us in the Green department, has been a rewarding experience. Our Green roadshows help raise awareness in how we can affect our world through our business. My Green journey has been one of trial and error. I try to see an holistic view of how one change can make a huge impact in other spheres. I thought to share some Greenie tips that I’ve picked up along the way on how we can individually and corporately make a difference to our beautiful and fruitful world.

5 Handy Greenie tips for Good Home and Health

Buy Sustainably

Check sources of produce to see whether farmers look after the land and environment. Do products ‘give back’ in some way? Our Thirsty Plant water has supplied over 70 water pumps in Malawi and buying into a great cause grows a healthy society

Grow Herbs

Although not limiting to herbs here, for some, space is an issue. Growing your own veg, fruits and herbs – no plastic packaging required, no carbon foot print, it’s fresh, you pick when you need it. Putting coffee grinds in the soil adds nitrogen and ticks another green point of reducing waste. (My cherry tomato plants fruited all Christmas last year as I happily fed the soil with used coffee grinds!)

Waste Awareness

Do we leave lights on when not in use? Food waste, water waste, try making bone or veg broth for stock, we grew plants and propagated seeds out of them for the following year, grew our own veg, learned about salting foods and pickling. These are some ways that we can avoid waste. If we careful not to waste unnecessarily, this reduces agriculture demand pressures, not to mention the carbon footprint to produce new products! Another bonus is this saves pennies.

Choose Bamboo

Or other alternatives for that matter, there are ways to use alternatives to plastic, especially single use plastic, Bamboo grows at the rate of knots, and try to avoid plastic if at all possible. Choose paper, bamboo or anything that is biodegradable. Bamboo is biodegradable and the best part is it’s naturally antibacterial, so is also doing amazing things from buildings to toothbrushes, to accessories and even clothes! We have fabric food wraps, beeswax wraps, sporks, and keep cups that we make a regular part of life. Our Perkee Coffee Keep cups are also made of Bamboo.

Use Natural Alternatives

Talking cleaning here but in other areas too. I’ve discovered that a lemon cut up into pieces is the best microwave cleaner, along with a bowl of water, 5 mins blitz, wipe down and you’ll be amazed how magnificently new it becomes. No harsh cleaners and food safe. Bicarbonate of soda is another amazing substance along with essential oils, works wonders with laundry, cleaning carpets and removing odour, the list goes on.

The key is to pick something that excites you. It may be packaging, or gardening, or simply fermenting vegetables, whatever you start with, be aware and enjoy the journey!

Til next time…

Yuki Solle

Passionate Greenie.

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