With summer hopefully here, I decided to review all my New Year resolutions or rather ‘New Year intentions’. Out of all the promises I made to myself back in January, I wanted to see how many I had maintained and which ones have worked particularly well.

I have highlighted my 5 top tips to help us live our best lives this summer. Although many are obvious, points like these remind us that this can be a summer packed full of simple health and fun.

Eat Well – Eat Colours – Eat Variety

Eating a range of colours and different foods are far more important than we think. It not only makes food more appetising but also contains vital components for health and nutrition. Eating a rigid diet can often restrict our intake of vital minerals and vitamins, as Dr Chatterjee says in his new book ‘The Stress Solution’. He encourages eating the foods with a letter of the alphabet to increase diversity in our meals, a fun way to include variety in meal planning.


If our brains are 70% water then that says it all! Hydration is often overlooked in a busy day. When we are feeling stressed, drinking a glass of water usually puts us in a better frame of mind, why not add some cucumber strips and lemon to add some nutritional minerals. A cinnamon stick can help regulate sugar levels after a dessert or pudding. According to Dr Lisa Mosconi, author of ‘Brain Food’, water is vital to maintain concentration and a healthy sized brain.


Looking after our ‘second brain’- no one likes being bloated or feeling sluggish, taking fermented foods and live yogurt in our diet plays a big part in digestion and nutrition absorption. If 90% of serotonin (our happy hormone) is produced in the gut that’s enough to sit up and take note. Medically there has been evidence of how increasingly the gut microbiome plays an important part in our emotions and even mental health.

The Happiness Factor

This is a natural de-stressor- If we are tired and constantly busy why not block out times to have a hobby? Anything from Cooking, learning a language or skill to appreciating art. Taking time out helps reduce stress levels where we also have an opportunity to connect with others. ‘Mindfulness’ is a term that is often used, taking a proper lunch break for example and stopping for a coffee in a china cup not only avoids use of disposables but also helps folk slow down and combat the constant ‘rushing off’ mentality. Mindfulness can mean living in the present.

E for Energy therefore Exercise

Watch your energy levels this summer. Exercise keeps our body pumped with oxygen for renewal and repair. Having extra energy has certainly been the reward for me.  As Hal Elrod author of ‘Miracle Morning’ suggests a routine can be 6 minutes or 60 minutes. Whatever you promised to do for yourself this summer, start in a small sustainable way, but most of all have a great summer

Yuki Solle

Passionate Greenie.

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