My first AGM

Shortly before Easter, we hosted our Operational Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the grand atrium at one of our prestigious Canary Wharf clients.

This was my first bartlett mitchell AGM  event and I was delighted to see the energy in the room, and amazed at the passion shown, as our teams shared knowledge and came together to learn and develop – despite having already worked a full day on our client’s sites!

With over 200 of our fantastic managers and chefs gathered together, we wanted to make the most of this valuable time.  I had the privilege of welcoming and introducing new team members to the bartlett mitchell family.

Wendy’s update

Wendy Bartlett then gave a punchy business update with some great highlights, including:

  • Market leading retention of our wonderful clients
  • Another year of double digit growth
  • We have nearly 800 amazing team members
  • Doubling in size since 2012 – without acquisition
  • The results of our 2017 Best Companies Survey
  • A summary of the first bartlett mitchell Corporate Social Environmental Report (CSER)
  • Demonstrating our status as ‘Sustainable Caterer of the Year’
  • We still remain independent, with our founding owners still owning the business.

Continual development

Our teams then attended the four learning stations, followed by the food and drink market stalls in the atrium, which included initiatives from new blends of our own Perkee coffee bean roasts to client honey bee hives.

The learning stations provided inspiration to the teams with some new delivery models supported by our own operational teams – new training stars have been born!

As you would expect from FOODIES, not only was food the main theme, but there were also fantastic food to try. Our Chef Development team pulled out all the stops with the support of both site chef teams and excitingly our apprentice chefs helped too. The team delighted us all with creations of flavour, in many cases utilising what may be seen as waste products. Chef Director Pete Redman, shared recipes including my personal favourite ‘Porridge Bread’!

The delicious food was also paired with Ian Mitchell’s wine choices to help round off a fun evening!

I’m really enjoying being part of this great team.

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