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BM happy journey – Nuno Pias


At BM, we nurture our team members’ personal and professional development. We continue our BM happy journey series, meeting Nuno Pias, one of the #BMfamily’s personable Hospitality Managers. Nuno’s journey proves BM’s unshakeable belief in the boundless potential within its #BMfamily team members.  

I caught up with Nuno for a coffee and was struck by his warm and caring nature. It was clear that he has always been passionate about the hospitality industry, and this is where he belongs. 

Nuno is a Hospitality Manager who showcases BM’s foodie passion and talent by creating impeccable fine dining experiences, and exceptional events. It’s impressive how he has built his knowledge, skills and experience. On top of that, Nuno successfully leads his team of 20 to create unforgettable, bespoke experiences.  

Growing up in the sunny town of Sintra, Portugal, Nuno was surrounded by his friends, family, and the sea. For Nuno, cooking was his first love and a way to unwind after a long day. He fondly remembers cooking wholesome, family dishes with his father.  

Embarking on his hospitality career

For most of his early years, Nuno was “crazy about becoming a footballer”, but when he turned 18, something shifted within him and he applied to study at Hospitality School. Sintra’s hospitality was lively. Nuno was eager to kickstart his career in the industry, and while he studied, he began working in local bars and clubs. 

12 years later, he reflects fondly on this time. He gained invaluable experience in the club industry as a Bartender, Bar Manager, Club and DJ Manager. As his son grew, he knew deep down it was time to find a work-life balance and spend time with his family. 

 He secured a role at luxury hotel, Palacio de Seteais, which was home to Vila Joya, a remarkable two-Michelin-starred restaurant on the Algarve coastline. Shortly after, he met his partner and they looked to start a new life together in London.   

To London, with love

Arriving in London, Nuno was nervous; “London is very different. I arrived with 35 years of experience in Hospitality in Portugal. I had to find new professional connections and a support network.”  

He dreamed of his seaside lifestyle in Portugal, but he understood the unique opportunities which big city life can bring. In London, he had the chance to start afresh, in a new role, developing his skillset. Nuno wanted to become a master of the hospitality industry. He combed the High Street hoping to find the right company to invest in him.  

“I handed out CVs for three weeks but was rejected due to my English language skills. Managers threw my CV straight in the bin. I was left with only £30 in my bank account and my bags were packed, but then the phone rang…” 

Renowned restaurant, Spring, of London’s Somerset House offered Nuno a position as a Runner, which he gladly accepted. Little did he know that this role would prove to be life-changing. Nuno felt an instantaneous sense of belonging and acceptance as soon as he arrived at Spring. Gradually, his English improved and he grew with the company. His hard work was rewarded when he was promoted to Assistant General Manager. Nuno enjoyed 8 happy years at Spring and the restaurant holds a special place in his heart.  

Growing with BM Caterers 

Nuno is an ambitious person. His insatiable drive has led him to work in some of the most highly regarded restaurants in the industry. On joining the #BMfamily in 2021, he felt the same level of familiarity and professionalism as he had at Spring. But this time, he also had a work-life balance.  

“I didn’t believe that such great culture and high standards of hospitality existed outside restaurants. Even though it’s Monday-Friday and 9-5, the quality of our dishes is equal to any fine dining restaurant. The difference is, I feel 10 years younger working in a corporate environment.” 

He has time to pursue his hobbies and spend time with his friends. He has gained everything a restaurant could offer and more. The dedication of BM to its people is unmatched. Nuno believes that the quality of a company can be determined by the support it provides, and its ability to offer a balanced lifestyle. 

BM’s dedicated support

“BM invests in the professional and personal growth of its teams. My manager, Diana Pintrijel, has helped me feel valued by understanding my vision and ambitions.” 

Diana has been a guiding force for Nuno during his transition into contract catering. And when he began his new role as a Hospitality Manager, Catey-nominated Diana became his trusted mentor and advisor. 

“The support I have received from Diana has been incredible. She has been a great supporter, supporting my decisions and helping me bring my ideas to life. Together, we encourage the team to be the best they can be. Everyone can learn and grow, but it is up to the managers to provide the appropriate tools for success.” 

I asked Nuno about his plans, and he assured me that he remains dedicated to his work. He is committed to supporting and motivating his team and sharing his extensive knowledge of the industry. Nuno is excited to witness his team’s accomplishments, and he credits BM’s unwavering support and his exceptional team. 

“I have high aspirations, and I believe in training my team to achieve their full potential. My goal is to provide an unparalleled culinary experience. It’s our job as managers to instil a culture of ambition and excellence within the team.” 

Why is BM so special?

“I don’t only hire based on experience. I look for personalities that I can train and share knowledge with. BM likes individuals and welcomes people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. At BM, everyone is important.” 

How does BM communicate its values?

“BM values its people above all else. It focuses on the individual, and BM provides unparalleled support. The commitment to personal and professional growth is inspiring, offering equal training opportunities to everyone. Everyone feels appreciated and valued.” 

Nuno’s Foodie Favourites

Nuno revealed that he is on the hunt for his perfect burger. “Even if I visit the most luxurious restaurant, if there is a burger on the menu, I will choose it over anything else.” 

Turn your passion into a rewarding career with BM

At BM, your adventure can be as diverse and delightful as the flavours we love. Join us and start your BM journey today. Become a supported member of our #Bmfamily alongside Nuno. 

Are you excited about the possibilities? Connect with us here. Join Our Team and discover how your career can thrive at BM.