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bm Inc – Supporting Young Entrepreneurs

bm Inc

Well here’s an update on what’s been going on with the bm Inc initiative.

The approaches from young entrepreneurs have been coming in thick and fast. There’s a lot of innovation going on out there.  However, in the drinks category the sudden consumer awareness to the problem of plastics polluting our oceans has resulted in our clients beginning to request non-plastic formats in sites.

Also, as a sustainable caterer,  supporting new products in single use plastics doesn’t square, so, I’m advising potential suppliers that they need to look at alternative packaging formats for us to be able to engage with them. This can be commercially challenging as the investment has already been made in the packaging format. It’s a hard lesson for the “young” entrepreneur to learn, but consumer needs/demands in the market place can suddenly change and they have to be sufficiently agile to react to these changes in order to survive!

One brand that is just about to launch into bartlett mitchell with trials programmed at 14 of our sites is DASH Water.  A flavoured water with a big difference! It uses product that would otherwise be wasted as they are not to spec for the retailers.  Described as wonky,  it’s in an easily recyclable packaging format – aluminium pull ring can!

Very sustainable!!

The range has 3 flavours and uses

  • Cucumbers from UK
  • Lemons from Sicily
  • Raspberries from UK

It is also

  • Crafted (manufactured) in the UK
  • Uses British spring water
  • Has zero calories
  • Uses no sweeteners – natural or other wise

They will carry out a customer sampling session at each site to launch the product complete with their own banner and our own banner to promote the brand and bm Inc.