The #bmFamily is a pretty special group to be part of. We have so many amazing individuals who come together to make our awesome team. It’s not easy to get together because of the need to not interfere with our day to day business. When we get together there is such a lovely atmosphere of bon amie and kindred spirits.  It’s certainly one of my favourite times.

We hold our concept launch every autumn. It’s also where we celebrate our progress and feel proud of everything we have achieved. We like these events to be as foodie and friendly as possible. After the main update and celebration sessions our teams separate into groups to learn about our new concepts.

Vitality Kitchen is our new food offer and is based on commonsense nutrition for all. The recipes ooze healthiness and aim to make eating healthier easier at work. We have turned this concept into a pop-up so it’s fun, special and the right choice. Based on the team’s reaction to the delicious bowl food we ate after the presentations there is no doubting our chef team has worked its usual magic.

We had a fabulous session describing how we have listened and acted following our team’s feedback. Their feedback inspired us to invest in training for courageous conversations, extra benefits and wellness.

For the #bmFamily, we will in particular be promoting #FulfillingFriday. This is an opportunity for our team members to make an impact by volunteering or giving back. Every team member can take one paid Friday off a year to work with the charity of their choice.

An important part of the event was a session held by our Super Green Hero, Steve Fox. Steve spoke about single use plastics and disposables. There are many different thought processes and conflicting statistics. It was a great opportunity to give the teams some clarity and confidence about the subject.

So apart from the foodie concepts what else should we be proud of? I leave you list of what we shared


  • Princess Royal Training
  • Great Taste – 2 stars
  • SRA Supporting global farmers – Perkee


  • Achieving targeted growth in 2017 financial year
  • SRA scores – beat last year score – top 20 of companies in SRA
  • Shortlist Catey – Healthy Eating
  • Major tender wins in 2018
  • Perkee coffee festival launched
  • Position on disposables – leading the way with making changes


  • Mentoring programme launched
  • Barista of year competition
  • Chef stages in Michelin star restaurants
  • Helped raised £10, 000 for Little Troopers Charity
  • Raised £3,000 for solar electricity panels in a Gambia school
  • People experience person appointed
  • Fun – great #bmFamily awards party and boat party
  • Remaining true to our FOODIES Values

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My earliest food memories are of my mum’s baking; coconut pyramid cakes were my favourite.

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