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bmFamily💜💚 #StravaGroup more important than ever


I have always been an advocate for healthy living and the importance of exercise in our day to day lives. Being active can significantly improve your physical and mental health. It is amazing to see people doing the couch to 5k or just simply walking a bit more.

Whatever you do, no matter how big or small, using the bmFamily💜💚 #StravaGroup. We have been doing it together to ensure we stay connected.

Staying Connected

Once we were hit by Covid we were all pushed out of our routines and comfort zone. We suddenly felt isolated from our teams, colleagues and friends. In order to stay connected we started running together at the same time and tracking our runs, comparing and cheering each other on! This made a huge difference, not only to our motivation, but also for that feeling of belonging and that’s how we found Strava!

Angus Brydon, Michiel Hageman and I decided to get more of our #bmFamily💜💚 members involved and share that feeling and whilst doing it to raise some money for those in need. That’s how ‘Run for Fun’ came into play, where all of the company came together once again against all the insecurities and uncertainties! We raised over £3,700 for the NHS.

Through all the lockdowns we have kept together, and we kept on encouraging each other. It not only kept us connected but also gave us a sense of being a part of what we were missing – that #bmFamily💜💚 feeling.

We currently have 62 athletes in our club.

Strava is just like being at a party full of athletes, where there are no limits to your achievements, and where everyone shares the same passion.

Posts on Strava are shared through our internal communication network, Yapster, and are all different because the sport content we all love and share isn’t the exception, it’s the norm! Our #bmFamily💜💚 #StravaGroup keep going and more athletes are joining us. Our aim is to reach at least 100 team members by the end of the year. We hope that as things return to normal our #StravaGroup #bmFamily💜💚 will keep us connected and we will be able to start running together.

It’s vital for us to keep encouraging our teams to go out, get those breaks in the fresh air, get that mood lift and feel that feeling of being part of #bmFamily💜💚.