Throughout lockdown we have come up with many ideas on how to keep our teams, clients and friends engaged. Our latest idea in 2020, is probably the last, as we hope this will take you up to Christmas and beyond.

We came up with the idea to share and celebrate some of the great recipes we have from our amazing chefs, to introduce you to our suppliers (naturally I chose the wine supplier) and to leave you thinking with a quiz for the holidays.

However, creating a bartlett mitchell Christmas magazine takes thought, planning, creativity and time. We are blessed within bartlett mitchell to have an amazing marketing team that have worked their magic on designing the ‘glossy’ elements of the magazine and bringing to life the scatter brain ideas that we had over a glass of wine. We have also included a mocktail to carry on our support of reducing our alcohol intake.

There are also a few ideas to support you in planning Christmas and to keep those little people engaged with some decorating ideas too.

Ian Mitchell has chosen the Old World Wine for you to enjoy and I have chosen the New World Wine, nothing to do with age of the selectors of course!!!

We hope that you enjoy the read and if you end up making any of the recipes and posting any pictures on social media please tag us under #bmFamilyChristmas so we can all join in the celebrations.  I am going to give the Panettone a go!

You can have a browse through our Christmas Magazine here

Have the best Christmas and we all look forward to seeing you in 2021.

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