A family holiday to me is about spending time together, relaxing, catching up on what’s going on and enjoying each other’s company. So it was this year we found ourselves in Corfu. A beautiful island which I have visited a couple of times before and have always headed back to the same place Kassiopi as with its picturesque harbour surrounded by an array of friendly tavernas all serving of local dishes and its ancient castle, it makes the perfect setting.

Our first port of call, on a daily basis, has to be Nicolas Bakery, not only is the bread baked on the premises but the Baklava, a rich, sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened and held together with syrup or honey, is truly delicious.

Heading out of Kassiopi there is one place I love to visit for an evening meal, at least once during the holiday and that is Ol Foros, which is situated in a deserted village, Old Perithia, at the top of the mountains. The ride there is quite scary, with lots of hair pinned bends as you wind your way up the mountain, but the atmosphere and the food definitely make it worth the ride. Ol Foros is always packed but the owners Thomas and his wife Vasso make you welcome with a drink, Retzina which will finish you off if the drive hasn’t. The food is truly authentic, my favourite has to be the rabbit stiffado, a traditional Greek stew; I thought my daughter might have a problem eating rabbit, thinking about them running around in the garden, but how wrong could I be, she took one bite and asked for more. I suppose I should have known better, as when she was five and I pointed out the baby lambs in the field, her response was ‘mmm Sunday dinner’ This did leave me thinking, as a child my Mum would buy a rabbit from Sainsbury and make a pie, which we all ate quite happily. These days rabbit seems to be out of fashion, but as it’s healthier, leaner and more sustainable than other red meats, and currently in season, why doesn’t Sainsbury’s still sell rabbit?…

Cathy Hutcheson
Marketing Executive

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