We love creating fantastic food and delivering superb service to our customers. With many of our contracts providing essential products and services remaining open throughout the pandemic, we’ve had to adapt. Our team members have adjusted well to our new ways of working by undertaking new COVID-19 customer service training. They ensure every restaurant and café is COVID secure. Customers feel safe that they are able to enjoy their time in the restaurant because they know they are being looked after.

Our teams have taught us a lot about the challenges they have been facing. They endeavour to provide a great quality of service whilst adhering to the rules of social distancing. As these measures have been put in place to keep our team and customers safe, it is vital we observe them. It’s our responsibility to help customers develop confidence in returning to the workplace. We do this through the interaction with them and our clients. And with that in mind, some team members helped develop a revised and concise guide to customer service. It’s specific to the way we operate, and the way the customer experience will change due to the impact of COVID.

Liz leads the way into new COVID-19 customer service training

The training has been designed for managers to support their teams as sites begin to reopen. This ensures they have the tools and confidence to engage with customers as they get used to ‘the new normal’. As guidance on best practice inevitably changes with time, this will help them adapt.

Our training focuses on Liz, a fictional member of the #bmFamily💜💚. She guides our teams through various subjects relating to their role by creating a safe environment for our customers. Our teams are then able to maintain an atmosphere of calm professionalism and assuredness. The use of positive body language and communication using our ‘3 Ps’ – Patience, Politeness and Professionalism are key to this.

We strive to make our customers feel valued and special through a bespoke service. This has always been part of our DNA and now it is even more crucial. By imagining we are in Liz’s shoes, she shows us ways to achieve this. This includes being active listeners and adapting our approach as needed. Liz focuses on our customers perception of our teams and how we can positively affect their experience. Liz encourages our teams to discuss their experiences in cafes and restaurants which help to identify what behaviours impact customer confidence.

Paula, the manager who lead the design, is passionate that training is fun and interactive, with great visual cue cards. This allows the ‘Liz’ we all have inside of us, to shine confidently. It gives our customers one of the best welcomes they will have, every time they visit us.

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