It’s well known that craft activities are powerful mindfulness tools. After the year we’ve all had, we could definitely do with some more of that this Easter.

Creative activities like craft, cooking and baking reduce anxiety and stress, because it’s believed they focus the mind. And hopefully you achieve a sense of satisfaction and pride at the end.

Be craft crazy

I’m a big crafter. I’m not fussy, I make anything from random pictures of beach-comb ‘finds’ of driftwood and sea-glass to fussy patchwork quilts. When I’m getting stressed, a few hours cutting out patches of fabric for a quilt or choosing random bits of sea-glass always makes me feel calm and soothed. For some, baking a cake or some biscuits creates exactly the same calm feeling. Perhaps it’s the little release of dopamine that can occur when an activity is associated with pleasure? Even the mere anticipation can be enough to raise our dopamine levels.

Make your cake and eat it!

More and more studies are showing the benefits of cooking for mental health. It’s also an act of self-care and nourishing for the soul and body. Spending time together in the kitchen gives you a chance to pause and focus on the simple things. And cooking or crafting with children is important in their development.

Random act of kindness

Being kind and making something for someone else can also make us feel happy – it gives us a warm glow. A theory in neuroscience suggests that seeing someone else show an emotion activates the same areas in our own brain. It’s almost as if we are experiencing the same emotion ourselves.

So with these crafty thoughts in mind, my talented colleague Emma has created an Easter Bunny treat envelope for you to make at home. You can use it to package up some easter treats for someone else or for your own easter egg hunt!

Why not make some biscuits for a neighbour or a friend this Easter?  Say thank-you to a friend or use it as an opportunity to make a new social connection.

Follow one of Pete Redman’s easy and delicious Easter recipes. To make this pretty gift envelope, download this pattern. Decorate it anyway you like – don’t forget to post your creations on our social media. We love to see what you have created at home. Tag yours with #bmFamilyMakes.

I hope you have an enjoyable and stress-free Easter.

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