Dear Readers

For my blog, I was going to write about the virtues of cooking your turkey outside on a big green egg barbecue. Having had a trial run last weekend which resulted in a visit from the Fire Brigade, I’ve decided I will leave this until I’ve perfected it fully without the need to involve the emergency services. (The photo is not my Christmas lights, it’s the rear of the Fire Engine).

So instead, in this the last blog of the year, I am going to reflect on what a year it’s been on our blog. It started with Wendy Bartlett being awarded an MBE in the Queens New Year Honours, which gave us a great topic for a blog. We have blogged about diverse topics including; travelstreet food, festivals, maggots, childhood memories, the healing powers of food, Whitstable, people, sustainabilityremembrance, water, bee-keeping, rabbit, wine, beers, coffee and meeting Princess Anne. My personal favourite was Pete Redman, Chef Director’s blog about mushrooms tasting better than meat!

As co-editor (AKA ‘The chief nagger’) of the blog I would like to thank all my blog contributors this year, Pete Redman, Wendy Bartlett, Adam Byatt, Francois Gautreaux, Ian Mitchell, Steve Fox, Cathy Hutcheson, Simon Houston, Darren Collier, Raouf Mansour, Robert Allen and David James. Between you, you have written 67 blogs, comprising of 50,000 words and you have been read more than 200,000 times. Steve Fox’s holiday delight blogs have proved to be the most popular delivering the most views, so if you missed them first time round, catch them here this Christmas.

There is no greater joy than sharing ideas with like-minded people, who care about the same things we do – delicious, seasonal food and amazing experiences. Thank you for your support in reading and sharing our blog.

We wish you and yours a very peaceful and Merry Christmas, see you in 2016 – same time, same place.

Lin Dickens
Marketing Director and Pyrotechnician

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