I believe karma happens in business and personal life. Not in a vindictive way of hoping that some get their comeuppance. My view is what you put into life, generally is what you get out.

In the majority of cases we all have choices. Choices not only on which road we take, but also what attitude we take along that road.


I also believe that what you invest in life (and in others) means that you get a better return out of life. It’s important to give generously and not expect anything in return. Oh, alright maybe just a little joy in the giving!

In life we are all here for a small time, isn’t it better to enjoy it as much as you can? That’s why Ian and I are so delighted to have a great team in the #bmfamily. We love and are impressed by our managers and leaders. With a smile and gentle encouragement they make a big difference to other people’s lives. Even when they have very little time available, they give it generously.

Selfless giving brews coffee champs

When Miguel our coffee supremo started the Barista academy and its ultimate barista championships, it was because he wanted us to be the best at making great coffee. His passion and interest was infectious to our team members, who also cared that they served the best cup of coffee.

We have been delighted to see how Miguel’s spirit has enthused others. Taking part in his barista training and competitions has created a new coffee community. The proof? All our competition winners are now Perkee ambassadors, trainers or in the development team. So not only did they do well in the competition, they gained in confidence and a new career path.

One of our stand-out managers, Linda, has dramatically influenced the life of half a dozen (so far…) junior team members who are embarking on their coffee journey. They have all improved their confidence, found an extra sense of purpose and now carved careers in coffee!

She has encouraged them to find extra time to practice and the confidence to believe in themselves. This is because she believes in them and leads by example and is happy to invest her time and energy. And this behaviour is contagious to other team members. The winner of our first ever barista competition, Laura (who worked for Linda) gave up her weekends to prepare her colleagues for the subsequent year’s barista championships. Giving that extra time and effort means they achieved winning results. You can guess the ending! And I’m sure Linda and Laura got as much out of it as everyone else and they are better leaders for it.

Why help others ?

Helping others helps yourself. I read up to see what’s written about giving. I found this summary of points to remember if you are manager and sometimes wonder why?

Doing good feels good

It’s the most cited benefit of doing good: you’ll feel great. …Quid Pro Quo. When you help someone, they will be more likely to help you. …Good publicity is the best publicity. People notice when you’re doing good. .. not just for self-promotional purposes but to create a nurturing and team environment.

Helping others looks good on your CV or application. It shows that you are a team player and are developing leadership skills.

So when you next get an opportunity to be a better manager, take a moment. Remember it’s as rewarding for you as the person you are helping.

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