My name is Hanna Abdella. I have worked in the Talent Team for over one year. I would like to share with you a little bit about my culture and religious beliefs as a practicing Muslim.

Today is a celebration of Eid el Adha. Nine days before this day we fast and pray more frequently to be closer to our God. We pray for those around us and peace.

The day before Eid el Adha is called Arafa.

On this day it is essential to fast and pray.  By doing so, our God sends peace and blessings, forgiving us for our sins past and present. This prepares us for making better decisions and keeping us on the right path.

It is a time for reflection on how we can be better people and support those who are not as blessed as us.

On the celebration day of Eid el Adha

 Tradition tells us to sacrifice a lamb and share it with our family and those not as fortunate as us. On this day we come together as a family and friends. I encourage my children to create sweet baskets to share at the Mosque. It is a day of happiness, belonging and giving. We eat traditional food such as Eritrean which includes the sacrificed lamb, spices, vegetables and salads. The dishes are sharing platers, which encourage us to try and is also another way to bring us all together.

Something I enjoy offering is speciality Arabic coffee. It is made with a little bit of milk, cardamon pods and Saffron.  I bring this to the mosque in the morning to share.

We also offer Ethiopian coffee which is served like an espresso and this served in the afternoon.

Back in Saudi Arabia celebrations usually last 4 days, however, we only celebrate for one day in the UK.

Eid Mubarak to you all.

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