As Stephen Toward and I begin our roles as bartlett mitchell’s first Talent Managers, we have been asking ourselves what qualities we are looking for? My answer revolves around the watchword – ENERGY. I have explained what I mean by ENERGY in this blog, and you can read what Stephen is looking for here.

bartlett mitchell has a strong values system and our ethos is based on the food we serve and the people that serve it, they are at the centre of everything.

I have worked as part of the bartlett mitchell family for over 15 years. This is mainly because of the founders’ Wendy and Ian’s commitment to our people. They know how important our people are to the success of the business.

This is specially true of front of house team members.

Customers’ perceptions of bartlett mitchell are shaped very strongly by the experience they have with our FOH teams. These interactions are key to influencing the experience our customers have every time they visit us.

This brings me back to my watchword – ENERGY.

I’m looking for that spark – that vibe – that tells me that this person is someone who enjoys interacting with other people. Customer service can be rewarding for sure, but also comes with its challenges. Being able to smile in the face of all of them, all of the time, is not easy. So the quality of enjoying being with people is essential when I select new talent. This quality is not only important when engaging with our customers – it contributes to a positive and supportive team spirit.

The right kind of energy also drives a person to do everything as well as it can be done. Someone who gains satisfaction from setting their own high standards, and maintaining them, is very appealing to me as both an operator and a recruiter.

Another key attribute that I am looking for is personal ambition. Someone who wants to progress at work, and in life, has the energy I am looking for.

A personal plus of working in catering has been the opportunity to work with a diverse range of people from many different social, economic and cultural backgrounds. These differences have made the experience richer and allowed me to learn a lot.

What unites us though is high levels of positive energy. People with the right kind of energy enhance the experience of others; customers and colleagues alike, and in my experience positive people always progress upwards.

It’s a fact that 80% of hospitality industry leaders have worked their way up from entry level positions –  I think this demonstrates what a high energy, positive bunch we are – and that with the right kind of energy, the sky’s the limit!

If you have energy and want a new challenge, visit our recruitment website or contact me to find out what opportunities bartlett mitchell could offer you.

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