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First caterer to employ TikTok


Our industry is currently facing a recruitment crisis. Job vacancies have risen in the sector by almost 700% in the last year. In line with the rest of the industry, hiring talent is a big challenge.

BM has always used social media to successfully engage with clients and customers. I believed there were innovative ways we could use digital channels for recruitment too. My goals were;

  • To increase the number of applicants to BM by accumulating a wider social reach
  • Create greater awareness of BM’s employer brand.

An innovative industry first

Using TikTok to attract employees is new to the contract catering industry. If you are new to TikTok, it is a mobile-first social media platform for creating, sharing and discovering short videos. The app has 17 million regular users in the UK who spend over an hour per day on the app.

My aim was to use foodie videos to educate and inspire viewers so that they contacted BM as a potential employer.

Overcome the ‘Cinderella’ perceptions

A key goal for me was to challenge some of contract catering’s ‘Cinderella’ sector perceptions to recruitment by;

  1. Emphasising the benefits of working in the contract catering industry. Highlight the stability and security of working for a contract catering business. The generous, flexible and family friendly hours (compared to other types of hospitality jobs).
  2. The opportunities for advancement and professional development.
  3. Show that BM’s fine dining is equal to a Michelin star restaurant.
  4. Promote a positive company culture. Show potential employees that BM values its team members and has a positive and supportive work environment.

Creating cultural and BM Foodies values-led TikToks made by BM’s team members showed potential candidates that BM is a great place to work. I described it like lifting the bonnet on our business.

Through specific content we signposted candidates to our recruitment website.

How we gauged success

Social recruiting on TikTok was not just posting a viral video in the hope of attracting talent. TikTok has allowed us to develop a rapport with potential applicants by responding to their comments.

I constantly watch these five specific metrics;


It’s important to reply and sometimes I am kept very busy when a video goes viral!


BM’s videos have been shared 34,000 times.


503,000 is hard to argue with. These likes are a good indicator of how popular BM’s content is and how far it reaches. I use this information plan future content.


Over 11 million people have watched BM’s videos and I can see what triggers a click-through to our recruitment website.

  1. Total playtime

Reassuringly users are watching BM’s videos through to the end, which shows they are engaging.

Impact and results

A year on, our use of TikTok has made a significant impact on the number and quality of applicants who want to join us. These are some of my proud highlights;

  • 11 million views of BM videos
  • 900% increase in visits to the BM recruitment website
  • Increase in number of applicants
  • Reduction in average number of days to fill vacancies
  • LADbible (one of the biggest social publishers in the world with a global audience of a billion) asked to reproduce our content.
  • Social influencers are sharing our content – which is an endorsement of its quality
  • Prospective candidates have said that our TikTok channel has influenced their decision to apply for a position with us.

Personally, I feel grateful for the opportunity to work in an environment that encourages continuous learning and experimentation. It’s thanks to this support that I’ve won a Catey and have been nominated for 3 more awards.  We have exciting plans for 2023 and beyond so stay tuned!