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FOODIES awards – celebrating the BMfamily💜💚


Embracing ‘the even better’

At BM, we believe in shaking things up and striving for continuous improvement. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond mere rhetoric; it’s a guiding principle that permeates every aspect of our culture.

Living our values

Acknowledging that our team is ‘our most valuable asset’ isn’t just a slogan—it’s a way of life at BM. Be it, greeting everyone when you walk into a site, recognising birthdays and special events, to making sure we as Directors and the leadership team meet new team members at induction day. From the smallest gestures of kindness to meaningful interactions between team members and leadership, we actively demonstrate our commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.

Transforming tradition: the annual FOODIES awards evening

Our recent FOODIES awards evening provided a perfect opportunity to showcase our values in action. By transforming the event into a glamorous evening dinner, we aimed to create a more intimate and meaningful experience for everyone attending.

Uniting the #BMfamily💜💚

With my sensitive hearing, I hoped it would be a little less noisy as everyone would be so keen to meet and mingle together. To me the noise seemed just as loud as previous occasions, but we were seated instead!

The bon aimee feel of the #BMfamily💜💚 spirit was very evident. I was thrilled at everyone’s enthusiasm, sharing and encouraging and congratulating, not just their own teams but all the winners.

Despite working in different client cultures and geographical locations, the sense of unity within our team is palpable. The FOODIES awards evening served as a testament to the strength of our #BMfamily💜💚 and the bonds that connect us. We are seeing a massive push at the moment of employers trying to get their teams back to work together. BM is living proof that social interactions are the life blood of an organisation. For us, based in different sites, it’s hard to connect personally every day, but there is so much we do all year round to connect our teams.

Nurturing personal connections

At BM, we understand the importance of personal connections in fostering cohesion. Our leadership team prioritise opportunities for face-to-face interaction, getting to know every member of the #bmFamily💜💚 and recognising their contributions.

We also encourage face to face training and social events plus of course our internal network – Yapster, which enables everyone to be visible within the company.  Personal interactions are imperative to build commitment and support.

Celebrating the winners

It was a joy to celebrate both the individual achievements and the efforts of our entire team. Every member, from kitchen porter to general manager, plays a crucial role in our success and deserves recognition.

The founder’s award

Our founders award – is selected by Ian Mitchell and me. David Jobe, has been with us for many years. He epitomises the values that define BM. His unwavering positivity, consistency, and genuine passion for great food embodies the spirit of BM. Over the years David has proved to be popular for his positive attitude, his ability to be consistent with an unending passion for great food who can amazingly engage with his customers … But most of all it is that memorable smile. It’s something that cheers us all when we see him

Thank you to our exceptional team

It’s always difficult to choose award winners, to us all our teams are winners! The FOODIES  6 team and 6 individual awards based on our values, represents what BM is all about. As we celebrate the achievements of our team members, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to each person who contributes to our collective success. The FOODIES awards evening is our way of saying thank you and recognising the invaluable role played by our dedicated team.

People make the difference

At BM, we recognise that people are at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment to fostering meaningful connections, celebrating collective excellence, and honouring the contributions of every team member is what sets us apart. As we continue to navigate the ever-changing landscape of work, one thing remains clear: it’s the people who make all the difference.

You can see how much we enjoyed ourselves in these wonderful pictures from the FOODIES awards here