At bartlett mitchell, we have so many amazing individuals who come together to make our team an awesome one. We are passionate about supporting the community and our environment, and whilst we invest a great deal of time and effort in raising funds and awareness for all of our benefiting charities both locally and abroad, we care deeply about supporting those closest to us. That’s why in 2018 when we launched the Fulfilling Fridays campaign, we knew it would become a favourite with our own family – #bmFamily💜💚.

What is Fulfilling Fridays

Through this initiative, every #bmFamily💜💚 team member can claim one paid day per year to work as a volunteer at a registered charity in order to support the local community. So far, our team members have supported a number of worthy causes such as preparing and delivering nutritious meals for those in need, assisting with DIY projects at preschools or within the community, cleaning up beaches as well as raising money for cancer research or awareness campaigns. It’s brought an enormous sense of pride and achievement to the individuals (and teams) who have dedicated their time and skills to change lives.

Nothing is off limits

Whether it’s baking cupcakes to raise money, or jumping into a delivery van to hand out fresh meals – this fabulous initiative is gaining momentum. Wendy Bartlett, executive chairman, bartlett mitchell, said: “Our values are embedded in everything we do – and this extends to serving our community. I’m very proud to see so many of our team members getting involved on a grassroots level with supporting those in need. We don’t pay lip service to serving others – we genuinely make it part of our daily lives at bartlett mitchell.”

Connecting with the community

For Harry, a Chef Manager at one of our sites in Maidenhead, participating in this initiative has had a very special connection for him. His daughter’s nursery is a small charity based nursery relying solely on donations from parents, community members and volunteers to help with various funding and DIY projects. Not one to pass up an opportunity to help, Harry offered to help clear an outdoor area of the nursery so that a brand new climbing frame for the little ones could be installed. With two other parents assisting, they had a long day ahead of them preparing the grounds for this exciting new frame. Once the frame was up, the sheer delight and joy on the little ones faces made all the hard work worth it. It’s been a huge hit with the little ones (and the parents too!).

This is what Harry had to say when we caught up with him recently to find out about his volunteering day: – “There’s something absolutely joyful about being able to give of your time to help others who really need it. It’s not always easy to give of your time when you’re a working parent, but with bartlett mitchell giving me this opportunity, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. It’s all about family and community for me – Fulfilling Fridays helps me connect my work with my community.”

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