There is so much to say about Gregory. I’m speaking on behalf of our whole #bmFamily💜💚 who all wanted to reflect on Gregory’s remarkable impact on our lives.

As many of you will know, Greg worked with us for the past five years, and was recently recognised for his commitment to diversity and equality by being made Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

This was in recognition not only for his work with us but also his efforts and contribution to the wider hospitality industry – an industry he was so very passionate about and one he wanted to continue to evolve and improve.

Gregory’s list of achievements and impact on our business and lives are endless. 

He won a prestigious Acorn award in 2016 which recognises the most talented people in hospitality under the age of 30. He had also recently won a number of ED&I awards on behalf of BM. 

The one thing that really stood out with Gregory as a professional was his people skills. His amazing ability to connect with people always shone through and helped him become the success that he was in our business. 

He was a people person and this always took priority over the mundane world of admin and accounts. 

However, what we emphatically know about Gregory, (and we hope he appreciated and knew himself) that when present within the business he made an impact – in so many ways. He was somebody you’d remember, particularly due to his charm and captivating smile.

It is testimony to his character is some of the many, and very lovely, comments that have been shared on various forums.

So many people have been in touch to offer their comments.  

Words such as: Courage, Resilience, Supportive, Driven and determined, Warm and Friendly, perfect gentleman, genuinely lovely were all used. 

People noted how special he was and had such a kind and joyful approach. 

Above all, people wanted to acknowledge the impact and influence that he has made in such a short space of time. His impact will stay with us forever both professionally and personally. He made a real difference on both levels. 

What Gregory has left for the industry is the knowledge that one person can make a huge difference – he was remarkable in that he has left a true legacy through his passion and interest in ED & I within BM particularly, but also the wider industry.

The IOH CEO wrote to us to say Gregory was a shining light, someone who’s passion and dedication to the betterment of our industry shone through to anyone who had the pleasure of meeting him. 

We are also so delighted to say that the CEO of the IOH was so inspired by Gregory’s work that, to mark his legacy, have asked to name an award after him – The Gregory De la Peña Hall MIH Equality, Diversity and inclusion employer of the year will be launched this year. It will recognise businesses that are best practice examples of companies that are tackling ED&I issues. 

Gregory was so remarkable and the way he managed his illness was quite something. He was always positive, amazing, inspirational, and showed such resilience through to the end.  

Even a few days before he passed he was still supporting his cause on LinkedIn and Twitter…now that’s dedication. 

We know how much people will miss him and his enchanting smile but BM will also be keeping Gregory’s memory and passion alive by naming our own EDI award after him – this is in rightful recognition of the outstanding legacy he has left at BM. 

The world we know will be a far less colourful place without him. We’d like to leave you with one last comment that came through online about Gregory which we thought was apt. 

“We will miss you but shine on you crazy diamond.”

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