Happy World FM Day!

Today showcases all the amazing work of our FM colleagues and the sector as a whole in the UK and around the world. In addition to the celebrations, World FM Day provides a great opportunity for FMs to

. Promote the FM profession

. Share knowledge, both global and local

. Discuss good and challenging experiences.

As a smaller, independent contract catering provider, working alongside both FM companies and direct with clients, we see how catering, including coffee shops, restaurants, juice bars, vending, hospitality and fine dining can really power a business. See Lin’s post https://www.bartlettmitchell.co.uk/5-ways-we-power-your-business/

However, when we add our catering provision to the wider FM services, it is very impressive to see what is achieved within an organisation during any given day. That’s why we should all celebrate World FM Day, frankly most organisations wouldn’t function without their fabulous FM teams.

Enabling Positive Experiences

The 2017 theme is ‘Enabling Positive Experiences’. Our teams will be supporting local clients in raising awareness of our incredible industry with the users of buildings. Many of whom may not be aware of the magnitude of activities that take place each day to enable them to work and have a positive experience.

Hopefully your local, and regional FM organisations and governing bodies including IFMA, Global FM, BIFM etc (other FM organisations do exist!) will be celebrating the day.  We will be joining BIFM at  http://www.bifm.org.uk/bifm/events/worldfmday. I would particularly encourage you to support and enjoy the 60-minute live broadcast from FM World which takes place today (Wednesday 17 May) at 12:00pm BST and streamed live on the FM World website via desktop or mobile device.

For me personally today is about raising awareness of our great industry (reported as worth over $1 trillion globally), and for this to be a success I want to do 5 things:

  1. Celebrate success with our clients, team and end user customers
  2. Raise awareness with end user customers
  3. Attract new talent into our industry
  4. Learn from shared experiences
  5. Clearly communicate the critical value of FM to every organisation

Finally, I look forward to reading the posts, podcasts and broadcasts, and once again Happy World FM Day!#WorldFMDay @WorldFMDay

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