Here at bartlett mitchell we are obsessive about our people; as Wendy Bartlett said “The members of the #bmFamily???????? really are the most important element of our business”.

In our quest to attract the very best people to become part of our growing #bmFamily💜💚, we have adopted a new tool, harri.


harri (which stands for Hotel and Restaurant Recruitment Interface) is an applicant tracking system. It has many advantages over traditional methods used for recruitment which enable us to enhance the candidate’s experience.

Making recruitment faster

With the harri app, the recruitment process is much faster. We know the longer it takes to hire someone, the less likely we will be able to hire them. harri puts an end to the long-winded recruitment process. With the digital onboarding process both the candidate and bm manager have an electronic record of each and every interaction, communication and signed document. We pride ourselves on being as sustainable and environmental as we possibly can be, so a paperless recruitment process is positive for both us and the planet.

harri takes the pain out of recruitment for our managers, by reducing admin time, facilitating easy and definite right to work checks (performed by an electronic verification system), and enabling our Talent Managers to effectively support recruitment via efficient sharing of suitable candidates throughout the business.

Key to success

Key to success in talent sourcing in today’s ever-changing climate is the ability to adapt to emerging trends – both in the talent pool and in the expectations of candidates. Having a fully adaptable system such as harri which enables us to change our process to ensure we continually match our credentials as an employer of choice with a premium candidate experience that is relevant and current to the employment market today.

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