Being healthy in mind and spirit is such a great and inspirational idea but where do you start and most importantly, how do you start?

It was the beginning of lockdown when I first realised the importance of a healthy mind and spirit. Now the question was how do you implement it, this is where the challenge came.  You know that moment when your friends, neighbours, people you know may have this type of struggle, but not you…definitely not you! That guru of wellbeing and a balanced life! Mmm… but what now, I am not busy anymore, at least not like before, now I have all that time I was calling for, but no idea what to do with it!

At this point, it was already the end of April, and my Virgo mind took responsibility for this plan (my mind loves plans, only plans) it had a pen, paper, excel docs and so on, but no motivation. Then the “aha” moment came, after a long time of doing nothing, but thank goodness it came.

All this time I had kept myself busy saying, but not doing.  Living in my mind and forgetting about my soul, my inner and true beliefs. From that point I knew all the work around the idea of healthy in mind and spirit had to start from the inside and so it started.

I Let My Intuition Speak

I put aside all the plans and let my intuition speak and guide me. I started online yoga with evening meditation, using essential oils to help me focus, and my body followed the path. All those cravings for sugar and junk food transformed gradually into a plant based diet, combined with Ayurveda hints and tips.  With all this inner work and focus, better ideas started to shape my life. At this point I was already a member of an NLP (neuro-linguistic  programming) training, I had lost 4 kilos and had started to ask myself what I could do to help others? What should I do to be a better friend, colleague, employee, how can I add value to my life and to the life of others?

Looking at myself wasn’t easy, being alone with myself was not easy either, but it was definitely worth it.

If This Is You

So, if you find yourself in the same position, where I was, please take my experience as a starting point. Ask for help if you feel you need it, give yourself time, be gentle when you talk to yourself, treat your body with respect and give it time to adapt. Don’t punish it with diets and crazy gym hours and most importantly, always remember you are Enough…for you, for your family, for your friends and the only person you owe the duty of care to, is YOU. If you are healthy in mind and spirit you can give, you can share and give some of your time to helping others.

Remember the importance of self-care, eat a balance diet, exercise, keep a good sleeping routine and give yourself time. ME time isn’t something to just be dreamed about. It’s real, necessary and possible.



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