In a year that commemorates women winning the right to vote 100 years ago, and press coverage of women fighting against prejudice in Hollywood and the upcoming Gender Pay publications, International Women’s day is a great way to celebrate the diverse roles women play and the contribution each and every one makes in society.

More importantly it is an even better opportunity to share those celebrations with our male colleagues. Having equality and rights is about sharing in responsibilities, having communication that works for all and putting into place processes that mean things can get done. And none of that is gender biased.

So to celebrate Women there are true trailblazers who have led campaigns  such as Boudicca and Joan of Arc,  Mother Theresa,  the suffragettes and the political leaders who have followed.

Today the women who make their mark and leave a positive imprint are the many who do a job and balance child care, who care for families and those who contribute to making things better and sometimes more beautiful. It’s also a celebration of the many women who have excelled in business, set up companies and who now employ others and I have the privilege of working for one of those trailblazers.

International Women’s Day is about inclusion, support, engagement, caring and sharing for the many who have less opportunity, less educational choices and restrictive cultures. Sometimes it’s not only women who need this. Respect is what we all want: regardless of our gender. International Women’s Day acts as reminder for me to ensure my influence has a positive effect on everyone.

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