As we enjoy a very sunny summer, one of the hottest for some years, I can see the sales of garden games such as paddling pools and water guns going through the roof. Don’t worry at this point I’m not about to give you a recipe for flavoured waters (although the juice of one lemon, plus 1 tablespoon of sugar and half a pint of ice and water make a fantastic lemonade).

Today’s message is a stark reminder that we have great water just at the turning of a tap and not to ever take that for granted. Some are not so fortunate though. I vividly remember back in 1982 in Malawi and a great plane of Namitembo; the hot summer drought where young children were dying from thirst and in many cases of malaria and cholera through a lack of fresh clean drinking water.

You can imagine how delighted I was to hear the news this week, that as a result of our customers buying thirsty planet water from our restaurants, we have managed to secure a 20th water well in the most needy parts of central Africa. There are now 20 villages who have freshwater to sustain life. A big thanks to all of our customers who have made this happen.

As we play in the summer sun this year let’s be grateful for that simple, clean, clear freshwater.

Until next time…

David James
Director of Food Services

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