Boutique caterer bartlett mitchell achieved a 7.3% increase in turnover from £17.9m in 2012 to £19.2m in 2013 and an 18% rise in pre-tax profits for the 12 months to 25 October 2013. The improvement was credited to new business wins, sales building activity in existing units, tight controls with new IT initiatives, and high client satisfaction resulting in contract retentions.

Over the last 4 years, the company has increased turnover by 21% and its net assets have increased by 51% from £727k to £1.1m in 2013.

Organic, debt-free growth

Wendy Bartlett, Managing Director of bartlett mitchell commented, “The company’s growth has all been organic, without the need for any acquisitions, and the company is debt-free because it has also been funded without borrowing.  This has given us the financial freedom to invest in the type of marketing, new service and team development activities that enhance our offer to clients and build sales.

“This investment also keeps our team happy and motivated, as shown in our placement in this year’s top 100 placement on the Sunday Times Best Places to Work list, and we will be continuing with this expenditure for the year ahead too, particularly in the areas of culinary development, IT and training.

Support of clients and teams

“bartlett mitchell’s performance has been fantastic and we really could not have achieved this growth without the support of our clients and our teams – they are what make the company so successful. Seeing our financial position strengthen year on year helps us to attract more clients and give confidence to our teams and our suppliers”

Positive outlook – £7.5 million contract wins

Commenting on the company’s position going forward, Ian Mitchell, chairman of bartlett mitchell, added: “The main risks facing the industry are the current economic climate and intense competition and the company is working hard to mitigate these risks.

“We have started our current financial year well with new contracts worth £7.5m in turnover over their duration, and we have won more awards as an employer and for our sustainability actions so the outlook is positive for bartlett mitchell.”

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