The great English breakfast and a Friday

What is it about a Friday that means when I walk into one of our restaurants and see the luscious sausages and crispy bacon, black pudding and all the trimmings that I suddenly can’t get the great English breakfast out of my mind? And on a Friday it seems to have a big sign above it saying – ‘YES it’s Friday, go for it!’

Food quality

The secret for me is the quality of our sausages. We talk about this a lot at bartlett mitchell; we definitely sell the best sausages available – they are not the cheapest but, my oh my, how much better than those cheap fake pink alternatives. This is where we can see customers really walking with their feet – if it’s great quality, they will pay a little bit more. But if we were to economise – even if meant a cheaper product for customers to buy – the sausages would not fly out the door as they literally do now.

Catering in a recessionary climate

We think it’s a great example of how even in recessionary times, customers are discerning about the food they eat. Whilst we might have austerity measures in our daily lives to cope with the economic climate at the moment, there are those occasions when you are going to spend your hard earned cash. What customers’ want is consistency – something they know, like and trust.

If we took that Friday morning reality check every day – to check that what we have on offer is worth that exchange in money – then even in tough times, sales will still be forthcoming.

Wendy Bartlett
Managing Director

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My earliest food memories are of my mum’s baking; coconut pyramid cakes were my favourite.

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