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Staying Connected with a bmFamily💜💚 Picnic

Following the success of Run for Fun, we asked ourselves the obvious question, what’s next, how about a picnic?

We came up with an idea to bring everyone together through the power of food. This would allow everybody in the #bmFamily💜💚 to have a picnic, no matter where they were. The weather turned out to be perfect. But for those who didn’t have a garden, we suggested a carpet picnic so that everyone could join in.

Pete Redman, our Chef Director, devised some special recipes which he shared on Yapster to create the best picnic possible. For a bit of extra fun Pete set up a competition and he judged the best picnic photos that were posted on Yapster. Five lucky winners received a present sent to their home.

Strawberry and Watermelon Lemonade

Scotch Eggs


Onion, apple and mustard sausage rolls

Caramelised onion and goats cheese quiche

It was uplifting to see so many colleagues join in the picnic fun with their family and friends’. The effort they made was incredible. We saw everything from quirky festival style to an English cream tea. The quality of the menus, the food presentation and the smiles made this event a success. We achieved our goal – #StayingConnected.

More than ever before, we must look over our shoulders and check that everyone we know is ok. We never truly know what anyone is going through. If we can create a little bit of normality in one person’s life, then we could be helping more than we know. Small things count a lot and we can all make a positive difference to someone’s life if we reach out.


If you’re bored of sandwiches for lunch go to our recipes page to find more exciting ideas to enjoy, and make the most of the summer with you own picnic.