Great British baking is back and our business is bountiful in home baked offers of cakes and biscuits and everything with a thousand calories – everything totally scrumptious and totally divine and about to live a life time on my hips!

The other day I was in a contract where the client was saying how much they loved all the ‘sweet’ products and innovations in-terms of confectionary, biscuits and cakes, but could we look at not having so much, as she was having same issues as me. Was there nothing we could get same buzz from but healthier?

It made me think – do we have healthy and low calorie, that has same level of temptation and satisfaction as a perfect cake or biscuit ? Home baking is all about reward and indulgence and satisfaction. It satisfies an ‘I deserve it’ moment. Of course our business does have a lot of healthy initiatives, but the joy over a freshly squeezed exotic combination of juices, or a healthy melody of innovative ways to have fruit, veg or salad will only ever make me feel pious and rewarded for being ‘good’ – I just don’t get the same (sugar) rush.

When have I ever had something that makes me feel as good as the home baked Jammie Dodger I experienced yesterday? – Cooked by the masterful Darren – it was just pure bliss! Fortunately at bartlett mitchell, I know a man who can try to answer this conundrum – or at least I know a brilliant creative craft team, led by Pete Redman, our Exec Chef, so that’s a challenge I am going to set them!

Wendy Bartlett, MD

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My earliest food memories are of my mum’s baking; coconut pyramid cakes were my favourite.

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