During my early days with bartlett mitchell, whilst working as a butler, one of the owners said to me “we are only as good as the people behind our counters” – 16 years later and that statement still rings true.

bartlett mitchell is of course built around fantastically fresh, innovative and responsibly sourced food and this is supported by an array of initiatives that shows us clearly leading the way – be it our ethically sourced Perkee coffee (recent winner of the SRA Support Global Farmer Award),  our stance on the reduction of single use plastics (and all CSER issues -we retained our SRA triple star rating this year) or our investment in learning and development initiatives (we were awarded a Princess Royal Training Award in August this year).

People Focused Company

None of this would be possible without the key ingredient, that is the people that make it happen, at all levels – they really are the beating heart of bartlett mitchell – indeed they are the #bmfamily.

Working for such a people focused company is incredibly motivating to me; being surrounded by a team who really live and breathe the idea of being obsessive about our people, and work to encourage a culture of openness and honesty, quite frankly completely floats my boat.

I consider myself very lucky to be working alongside Stephen Toward in developing our in-house Talent Team, a role very much focused on the attraction, development and retention of genuinely talented people to support our growing business.

I run the front of house team. This is a growing team of shining stars, who move around our business, supporting the teams where members are on holiday, or on day release to attend courses and workshops. They also act as ambassadors for our FOH standards – demonstrating at every level the flair and excellence we set as our benchmark in both customer service, teamwork along with colleague engagement and support.

This team enables our sites to rely on fully trained talent (all talent team members have an allocation of 10 full days training before going live into the business), who are paid fairly (we pay LLW as a minimum), and are inducted into the #bmfamily ethos from day one.

Our reputation as an employer, together with prospects for development, and an exciting and diverse client portfolio, makes it easy to attract the very best when recruiting for this team. It has been hugely gratifying to receive very positive feedback on the experience of joining us from those I have recruited so far, and to see that this is backed up by the high number of referrals I get as a recruiter, from friends and family of those already working with us.

People Experience Director

We are so committed to our people at bartlett mitchell, we have taken the step to employ a dedicated “People Experience Director” – surely an industry first for BM in appointing a director with the sole remit to examine, evaluate and enhance every aspect of the experience our people have – from seeing a job advert, all the way through to being developed onwards and upwards through the business.

There is no music without the rhythm, and there is no rhythm without the beat.

If food is our music, then the rhythm that accompanies it is provided by the beating heart of our talented, passionate and diverse team. From the owners through to our bedrock of front-line team players, we have a strong community built on sound values – it’s proving to be a real success!


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