I’ve been on my travels again – this time to Dubai.

I’ve been before and had the Dubai experience, going up the Burge Kalfie, watching the local skiing on the indoor ski run when it’s 35°C outside – only in Dubai!

This time I was staying with friends and so had a more relaxing and relatively inexpensive time.

Jumeriah Beach was the business away from high rise Dubai – it’s a local’s beach. White sand, tepid sea and a light breeze which made the 35°C sunshine very enjoyable………………

After an exhausting day hunger arrived! I was taken to the best fish and chip take away EVER. None of the posh nosh that is available in Dubai this place is rough and ready and great fun. There was a long queue (40 min wait) all locals. The fishing boats go out every day to catch the fish, when they’ve sold their catch that’s it they shut up shop. Their boats are ‘resting’ next to a café style structure where the food production occurs and next to this are the living quarters of the fisher men – definitely not 5 star!! You go in through a rickety door and to your left is hand washing facilities, ahead of you is a serving hatch where you are presented with an array of fish in a spicy marinade, all piled on top of one another in a well-worn aluminium tray. You pick the fish you want, they weigh it, tell you the price and then they dust it in flour and shallow fry in a skillet style pans. You can then either eat out side on white plastic furniture or take home. The fish is served with Indian flat bread, plain boiled rice and a coleslaw style accompaniment. The taste was amazing and it was such a blast eating in what was the Arabic equivalent of Jocks Café.

You won’t find this place listed in places to eat in Dubai, as it’s a ‘locals’ secret but it is next to the beech off Jumeirah Rd about 1-2 miles before you reach the Burj Ai Arab.

Steve Fox
Purchasing Director

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