The journey of discovery continues at bm having just completed my 12th week. The 16th June is the end of my probationary period when I find out if Wendy wants me to stay. (I’m quietly confident). I hope so, as although it’s been a really tough 12 weeks learning all the ‘stuff’ that involves being a Purchasing Director I can honestly say that not only does bartlett mitchell talk the talk it also walks the walk.

The food I see presented to our customers is soooo me. It’s creative, on trend and a pushes up the bar of the works ‘canteen’ I thrive in a positive environment (and wilt in a negative one) and I’m thriving! Some of the chefs I know from my previous life (Pete Redman & Mark Andrews) so it’s good to be working with them again and witnessing their influence on the business. But a special mention must go to Raouf Mansour – his food is amazing

The Head Office team are an eclectic group which suits me perfectly. I’m strangely drawn to ‘quirky’ so I’m feeling very much part of the team at Egham! There’s always a cheery atmosphere and I look forward to going into the office – it’s been a long time since I felt that. The luxury of having Claire or one of the other team members to go shopping every day to stock the cupboards and fridge with food for us all is a first for me and much appreciate. I have rediscovered my love of peanut butter since joining as there was a big tub of it in the cupboard – I had some and now I can’t stop!

Special thanks must also go to Des Slater for his support whilst I settled in. I don’t naturally gravitate towards all things IT (bit of a technophobe really) so he is the man I go to when the “computer says no” and his ‘can do’ attitude has been a great help.

And of course there’s the fabulous Anousheh who has the joy of managing Payroll. She never seems to go home. However early I get into the office she’s always there. I like a challenge so this week on Tuesday I got up super early as I had a load of work to get done for the Board Meeting yesterday and guess what – I got in before her – job done J

Well that’ all from me for now

Until the next time


Steve Fox
Purchasing Director

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