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Simplicity is key for the main event

The main event salmon

The main event. The entrée. The piece de resistance. Whatever you choose to call it, this is the part of the meal that people tend to find most daunting, and which is most scrutinised. Take it from me: simplicity is everything. My table at home often features dishes that lend themselves to convivial eating. And that’s simply because I believe there are few things more personal than sharing a meal with loved ones. Sharing food, breaking bread, crossing forks, passing wine and conversing together can sometimes seem like a luxury. But take a moment to cook together, eat together and enjoy each other’s company.

When it comes to light, simple, one-pot cooking that is the perfect punctuation mark to any convivial gathering, this Poached Salmon with Vegetables is a winner. This no-frills dish utilises easy-to-find ingredients for a meal that produces the same flavours as a restaurant main course, yet is ready in under half an hour. The secret to this recipe is to cut the vegetables thinly enough for them to cook at the same time as the salmon (which is not long). Fish and shellfish can be a scary place to start when cooking for a group, but as long as you buy fresh ingredients, wash them well and cook them thoroughly (but not too thoroughly), all will be well.