Being a wannabe truck driving, redneck American, the Super Bowl is a big deal to me and my wife. I book the Monday off after every Super Bowl no matter how busy we are at work the next day. The day off has almost become more important to me than Christmas Day and, like Christmas, we have a feast with some good old traditional favourites. This includes some US classics, with some of the recipes coming from my wife’s family from across the pond. Over the years this has included Mac ‘n’ Cheese, ribs and brisket, but I have now settled on my absolute favourites. Note: this does not include popcorn and snacks for the halftime show.

I have always loved Southern fried chicken and this recipe is down to me and a friend (Dave Hands). It has come from trying different flours, from Matzoh flour to rice flour, from buttermilk marinade to yoghurt, we were never fully happy and kept on trying new things. Different cooking temperatures and oils, rubs and spices in the coating, you name it, we tried it. But, after 12 months we came up with what I think is a pretty darn good recipe. This is now one of the main parts of my Super Bowl feast.

It is served with the creamed corn recipe I had from one Thanksgiving meal at my wife’s family while visiting them in Pennsylvania. This recipe is from someone who like me has also married into the family, she is a passionate foodie who loves the same sorts of foods as me. She is also someone I would love to cook for, with her being from Kentucky I just hope my fried chicken makes the grade!

So this is my Christmas Day with the fried chicken replacing the turkey, the foam fingers replacing the crackers and the tablecloth being replaced by the American flag that I stole from the staff party 3 years ago (don’t tell Wendy). So, now you have my Super Bowl menu and recipes, I hope you all enjoy the Super Bowl as much as me.

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