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The Power of Two


As Murray Soper and I begin our roles as bartlett mitchell’s first Talent Managers, we have been asking ourselves what qualities we are looking for? One of my essential ingredients is team members who have the ability to deliver great customer service. I have explained what  great customer service means in this blog, and you can read what Murray is looking for here.

It’s interesting to observe how providing great customer service has a significantly positive effect on business as well as team morale. I consider my daughter a prime example; she works for a well-known high street store. I believe her two main characteristics are being caring and considerate towards others.

A customer had approached my daughter looking for advice. My daughter spent forty-five minutes explaining the benefits of all the products on offer; taking her time to make sure the customer understood the pros and cons. The customer, once her final decision was made, asked her name, thanked her and wandered off to the tills. Within 24 hours my daughter was inundated with praise.  The messages came from head office, her manager and area managers from all over the country, all congratulating her for her outstanding contribution to the business.

And this is the reason why; the customer had posted on the shop’s twitter account. “I want to say a huge thank you to ****** for helping me for over 45 minutes on Saturday – amazing!”

As you can see two simple yet strong characteristics achieved a very positive outcome for the customer, the company and my daughter (and as a footnote a very proud father too).

Passion and Determination

So, are you wondering what has this got to do with what I look for in a chef to join bartlett mitchell? It’s the power of two, and the two essential chef characteristics I look for are passion and determination. Passion and determination are contagious, so you will eventually lead others down the same path.

You don’t necessarily need to be the most amazingly skilled chef; but you must have passion because in the right environment your determination will drive you forward.

With these two attributes, I believe you can achieve remarkable success, just like my daughter. But bear in mind that they must be genuine, from the heart and not pretend.

So, capitalise on your positive key characteristics. Put them to work and just imagine what you could achieve! Visit our recruitment website or contact me to find out what opportunities bartlett mitchell could offer you.