I’ve got some shocking news for you; big coffee brands are on their way out and in their stead are what’s being called third generation coffee’s.

Produced with love and care

Third generation coffee is high quality coffee produced by artisans who micro-roast. This is only done with beans that have been lovingly grown to the highest standards. They believe, rightly so, that like a great wine coffee needs to be nurtured at every stage of its development. No mass production, harvesting and roasting for these purists.

The defining characteristics of third generation coffee include fair trade lighter roasts, single origin beans and of course latte-art. The discerning coffee drinker is able to appreciate subtle nuances in the coffee whether it is variety, flavours and even regional variation. What I love about them is that they are not wed to the espresso machine, and so they’re great for hospitality. I’ve even seen good old fashioned porta-filters, drip filters and vacuum siphons being used again.

Speciality food and drinks in the workplace

This specialty movement in coffees WILL be making its way to you. Big brands will have to work harder to get top dollar while these pretentious youngsters will brew and grind away until we’re all boasting about the Monmouth’s and Nude Coffee brands that we’ve discovered!

You won’t be surprised to hear bartlett mitchell have been offering our clients micro coffees for years. The opportunity to have wonderful coffee roasts in the workplace, as part of your hospitality menu that are not available on the High street is something bartlett mitchell can make available to clients now. Just imagine the WOW that would deliver.

David James
Creative Director

What are your thoughts? Have you noticed a change in the coffee offer on the High Street? Please share your ideas in the comment box below.

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