We recently completed our annual Planet Mark submission. bm caterers are proud to have been members of Planet Mark since 2018 although we missed the covid lockdown reporting year for obvious reasons, as we could not capture data properly at the time.

What is Planet Mark?

It is a Business certification that recognises your commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability and delivering immediate economic, social, and environmental impacts.

Why did we choose Planet Mark?

We were members of SRA (Sustainable Restaurant Association) for many years, and we wanted to improve how we measure our carbon usage and further our knowledge including carbon tracking. Planet Mark is supported by the Eden project, which is widely recognised, we were the 1st contract caterer to join up (we love to lead the way!) and it aligned with where we were both in reason and approach.

Our 2022 results are just in

Our 2022 results are just in, and we saw an absolute carbon reduction of 8.1%, achieving a top 10% benchmark reduction vs other Planet Mark members. Our next annual results we are targeted to further reduce carbon use by another 5%.

What does Planet Mark give bm caterers

Apart from the Covid lockdown year, since 2018 bm have been able to measure our carbon footprint across agreed activities and as we always say, “what gets measured,  gets monitored”. We have seen a year-on-year improvement (per support function head count) at bm and it is very encouraging to see that we are on the right path, and it’s measured.

Carbon measuring is now very much back on the table for conversation with our clients. When we recently introduced carbon badges onto menus through our recipe platform provider “Nutritics” we knew it would be the start of the next carbon measuring journey but as we had already been measuring carbon creating activity with Planet Mark, we weren’t fazed at all and knew how we had to “market” the carbon badges; not just to our customers and clients but also to engage and have transparency with our bm team members.

Planet Mark made us more prepared and agile and uncomplicated the process of measuring carbon. At the heart of the bm business is and always will be to deliver great food and great service but we now have a conscious drive to reduce the environmental impact in all that we do.

Monitoring energy, travel and paper usage is miles away from fresh food and great service you might think but the interlink between how we approach all areas of business is the same; it’s not just about the end result but the journey, a well-used cliché I know but it is still valid! A happy customer with a great plate of food to enjoy and the reassurance of how every step of the process to get there was measured and monitored! What’s not to like !

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